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Personnel Process TIMELINE: New York facultyGlobal faculty

System OVERVIEW: New York faculty and staffGlobal facultyprocess for external review letters

Documentation also available here: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 

Step 1: Prepare your documents: 

1.1  Download the empty folders for the mahara portfolio. (SoAD foldersCAS foldersSoE foldersSoECS foldersSoHP foldersSoM foldersLibrary foldersHEOP folders) Unzip the folders: on a PC, right-click and select "Extract all..." / on a Mac, double-click the file to decompress. (NOTE: Some schools will be customizing the folder set to meet school-specific requirements. Those sets will be posted here as they become available. Please check with your dean or SPC chair to see if a set is being prepared, or if the generic set that is posted here is okay.)

1.2  Prepare your documents by saving them as pdf files. (PC / Mac) Use filenames that will make sense to someone who has not seen them before. (Filenames Guide

  • If appropriate, combine multiple files into a single PDF document. (PDF)
  • If appropriate, use Adobe Acrobat to reduce the size of your PDF files. (PDF)
  • If you need to print Part A of your student evaluations of teaching, follow these steps. (PDF)

1.3  Put your documents in the correct folders.

1.4  Zip the folders.

(Download PDF documentation / see a 3 minute video)

Step 2: Upload your content, decompress, and link to your portfolio page: 

2.1  Log into mahara and rename your portfolio. Put the name of your department into the "description" field. (PDF; video)

2.2  Navigate to the Content area (Files page) and upload your zipped folders. (PDF; video - start viewing at 2:00)

2.3  Decompress the zipped file. (PDF)

2.4  Navigate to the Portfolio area and link your folders from the Content area to the appropriate places in the portfolio page. (PDF; video)

2.5  Upload individual files - for example, the executive summary or curriculum vitae - to the appropriate locations on the page. (PDF; video)

2.6  If desired, add a description to the file or folder. (PDF)

Step 3 - NEW YORK faculty and staff: Submit your portfolio:

3.1  All NY Faculty: Share your portfolio with "Personnel Portfolios" account to submit it (due Oct 1 for year 2 faculty; due Dec 1 for all other faculty). (PDF)

3.2  NY Faculty applying for Tenure and/or Promotion: Create a secret url of your External Review Template to email to your department chair (due Oct 1). (PDFvideo)

3.3  Create a backup copy of your portfolio. (PDF; video)

Step 3G - GLOBAL faculty: Submit your portfolio:

3.1G  Global Faculty applying for renewal and/or promotion: Share your portfolio with "Patricia Burlaud" account to submit it (Abu Dhabi and Vancouver by January 1; Nanjing by January 8). (PDF)

3.2G  Global Faculty submitting materials for annual evaluation: Create a secret url of your External Review Template to email to your department chair (due March 14). (process overview) (PDFvideo)

3.3G  Create a backup copy of your portfolio. (PDFvideo)

Step 4: for reviewers (DPC and SPC chairs and Deans)

4.1a Navigate to the list of ePortfolio pages that have been shared with you. (PDF)

or ...  4.1b  Find ePortfolio pages to review by navigating to your Groups. (PDF)

4.2 Post your review of the candidate by uploading a file to the page. (PDF

Need help? Contact us!

OW: Jea Ahn, HJSH 227A, 516.686.4031, jahn05@nyit.edu 

MA: Olena Zhadko, EGGC 304, 646.273.6037, ozhadko@nyit.edu

Global faculty: Patricia Burlaud, Tower House 306, 516.686.7443, pburlaud@nyit.edu